professional activity

I am the main maintainer of deGoal, a tool for the design of runtime code generators, also called `compilettes`. deGoal is the property of CEA and not released publicly at this time. For further information, please reach me and/or can check my list of publications.

deGoal is the core technology used in COGITO, a research project that studies the potential of runtime code generation for security purposes in embedded devices.

pet projects

Currently, I most enjoy writing code in Haskell even though I still consider myself as a beginner. I have no public projects written in Haskell, except for this website, which is generated by Hakyll.

Here is the list of my (public) pet projects, or former software projects I have contributed to:

  • obnam - a backup program capable of data de-duplication together with client-side encryption
  • lazygal - a static web gallery generator written in Python

You can checkout my github and bitbucket accounts.